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International Pickleball Federation

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The Global Governing Body for the Sport of Pickleball

Welcome to the International Pickleball Federation.
The World Governing Body for the Sport of Pickleball.

The International Pickleball Federation (IPF), the world governing body of pickleball, was established to perpetuate the development and growth of the sport throughout the world. The IPF’s goal is to introduce pickleball to all nations so that they may embrace the sport as one of their national sports, and ultimately to achieve official recognition by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in order to establish pickleball as an Olympic sport.

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The Foundation of Any Sport

Rules And Why They Are Important

No sport can be played without rules. Rules are the foundation for an organized sport to be played under the same standards for everyone throughout the world. Here is the important imformation and how the IFP maintains the integrity on the Official Rulebook.

The 2022 Official Rulebook is available on the Rules page linked below, please download to print your own copy. The rulebook is managed in a responsible manner with the cooperation of the USAPA and the IFP working in harmony. The IPF rules committee has several players from our member countries.

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