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IPF President

Arvind Prabhoo


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President’s Role

The IPF President is the face of pickleball to the media, stakeholders, sponsors and other international sport leaders. The President must also provide leadership to the Executive Committee and Board of Directors. They have the responsibility to ensure that the values and strategic directions of the IPF are implemented through the Executive Committee (EXCOM), Board of Directors (BOD), and National Federation and Association members. A high priority for the IPF President is to promote an ethical performance environment that enables and inspires elite athletes to win medals at international games to include the Olympic Games. The IPF is committed to the World Anti- Doping Code and adheres to the principles and regulations of good governance and integrity as practiced by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The President’s role is to provide leadership of the EXCOM and BOD, to ensure it is able to undertake its responsibilities to “set direction and priorities: set policy and ensure all statutory requirements are observed, identify and manage risk as well as monitor and evaluate organizational achievements.” The President must uphold and enforce all governance regulations and policies, overseeing that all the necessary practices are in place to ensure that pickleball maintains its status as an exemplary and clean sport.


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