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IPF Global Diplomat Program


The IPF has been restructured to accommodate growth, improve quality, cultivate greater diversity within its organization and meet the International Olympic Committee (IOC) requirements. Concurrently, we are redesigning our GLOBAL DIPLOMAT program (previously, World Ambassador) to ensure that the position is meaningful and that it reflects the values, vision, and dynamic efforts needed to better serve the international pickleball community.

Our GLOBAL DIPLOMATS serve a key role in ensuring that we "No Country Left Behind" while we move pickleball toward the Olympic arena as directed by the IOC. GLOBAL DIPLOMATS are volunteer representatives and unofficial spokespersons for the IPF. Their primary responsibility is to promote and grow the sport of pickleball.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach us via our Contact Us Page.

IPF Global Diplomats by Continent

Europe Continent


Countries - 8
Diplomats - 9

Africa Continent


Countries - 3
Diplomats - 3

Americas Continent


Countries - 9
Diplomats - 16

Asia Continent


Countries - 5
Diplomats - 9

Oceania Continent


Countries - 0
Diplomats - 0

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