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IPF Secretary

Karen Long


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Secretary's Role

The Secretary serves as a member of the Executive Team and provides strategic and operational insight. The Secretary drives and helps implement IPF’s strategy and operating plan, evaluating short- and long- term issues as well as new opportunities through sound, analytical processes. The Secretary plays a critical role in fostering communication and diligence through proper management and utilization of important records such as meeting minutes and the organizations bylaws. The Secretary has wide-ranging responsibilities, requiring much more than simply being present at all board meetings. The Secretary has an active conduit for communication by giving proper notice of any meetings and timely distribution of materials such as agendas and meeting minutes. Additionally, the secretary should be knowledgeable of the organization’s records and related materials, providing advice and resources to the board on topics such as governance issues, amendments to the state laws, and the like, that will assist them in fulfilling their fiduciary duties. As the custodian of the organization’s records, the secretary is responsible for maintaining accurate documentation and meeting any legal requirements such as annual filing deadlines. The secretary is responsible for reviewing and updating documents as necessary and ensuring all documents are safely stored and readily accessible.


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